Eminence Organics- The luxury organic skincare

Éminence Organics is a skincare brand that was founded in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary in 1958. It is backed by many dermatologists and doctors, and loved by so many celebrities due to its holistic approach to skincare. Éminence Organics products are filled with all healthy and natural ingredients which feel like heaven on your skin! Éminence Organics provides you with not only the most nourishing, relaxing and hydrating facial, but also a results-driven, completely natural and luxurious experience.

Radiant Skin You Feel Great In
Radiant Skin You Feel Great In

About the products…

Éminence skincare products are all organically grown in Hungary with ingredients that are good enough to eat! Each ingredient has been chosen due to its beautifying and skin-loving properties and are potent, leaving clients with a clear, balanced and natural glowing complexion. Éminence products address a variety of skin concerns such as the appearance of ageing and wrinkling, loss of vitality, blemishes, tone and radiance.

Each product is handmade and requires personal attention to produce and package. Eminence specialists use a combination of their in-depth plant knowledge and today’s skincare innovation to enable them to create products that are all natural and adhere to both organic lovers and results-driven clients.

About the facial…

After a thorough skin analysis by your therapist, your facial will begin, being completely tailored to your skins needs. Throughout each facial, your skin concerns will be addressed and your senses caressed by the aromas of Éminence. Choosing skincare can be daunting, so your skin therapist will create an entirely customised Éminence Organics treatment plan just for you, should you desire it. Whether you are looking for results or would rather just relax, your therapists will listen to your wishes, so your Éminence Organics facial experience is nothing but first class. We include a beautiful lymphatic upper body massage within each facial, as well as a soothing scalp massage, to encourage a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to switch off and forget the outside world exists, even just for a moment.

During an Éminence Organics facial you will not only have your skin concerns met, but will feel deeply relaxed throughout this luxurious experience. An Éminence facial will leave you feeling well-rested, renewed and looking beautifully glowing, with intensely hydrated skin, fed by our Éminence Organics products. Call us to speak to our skin specialist about how we can help you look and feel like a luminous you!