What is NuCalm? Health or Hype?

Within the current climate of our world, we live in a culture that is constantly stressed and plugged in. Gradually we are seeing a change of increasing meditation practices and encouragement of centering one’s mind and body, however for a lot of us, this change does not come easily. NuCalm is an innovative technology that allows us to unplug, destress, relax and restore, aligning completely with what we look to achieve here at TSAVO Wellness. Adding NuCalm to your therapy can take your experience to a whole new level.

NuCalm was created by Dr. Blake Holloway, who 30 years ago was looking for a way to help individuals suffering from PTSD, without the use of narcotics. Through years of research, development and clinical testing, a breakthrough was made and the first  and only TGA approved neuroacoustic software was created that safely and predictably allowed individuals to manage their mental states on demand, reducing stress, boosting recovery and improving sleep quality – without drugs.

How does it work?

Our brain cells, also known as neurons, communicate through chemical and electrical signals. These communication systems create brain waves, through sending synchronised pulses and oscillating at different frequencies, producing different brain waves that determine brain activity. The technology used in the creation of NuCalm is clinically proven in guiding your brain waves to specific frequencies. This could be the lowest frequencies (within Delta range) related with deep sleep or the highest frequencies (within Gamma range) related with peak mental state and concentration.

NuCalm works through the bodies inhibitory systems, the vagus nerve and the GABAergic system. Within minutes the stress response of the body is inhibited, and your fight or flight response will feel eased as your sympathetic nervous system and your cortisol (stress hormone) levels begin to decline. The blood-brain barrier is opened through the disc technology, which allows GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) activity to increase, assisting the body and mind in relaxing. These three processes work to guide the brain into theta and alpha brain waves, which is a level just above deep sleep, for optimal cellular restoration, profound recovery and resilience. These brain waves put your body in such a deep state of peace that monks train for months to get in to.

How to use it?

The technology is put into practice through an app that has very specifically designed neuroacoustic sound tracks that take you into a very deep meditative state, paired with NuCalm’s biosignal processing disc that is placed on your wrist. The disc is electronically charged, sending signals to the brain to open up channels allowing the GABA receptors to enter which helps transition your brainwaves from beta to alpha and then to theta to reach that full body deep meditation.

At TSAVO Wellness we highly recommend pairing your NuCalm experience with a longer therapy, that sits around 60 minutes, such as the Hyperbaric oxygen chamber or the Slimyonik massage suit so you can truly experience the benefits of NuCalm. We ask that you bring your own set of good quality, comfortable headphones that can connect to bluetooth. We will connect you to our TSAVO ipod and choose a program on the NuCalm app that is well suited to your desires, whether that be focusing on destressing, sleep or a general meditative experience.

Who is using NuCalm?

Many individuals nowadays are looking for a daily meditation practice. Consistent use of NuCalm is only going to help prime the body to reach this state of meditation that we are often seeking. NuCalm also allows individuals to get the most profound rest and has helped many individuals fall asleep without the use of medications.

By choosing NuCalm as an add-on to one of our therapies here at TSAVO Wellness, we absolutely believe you won’t be disappointed!

NuCalm is used by the US military and the FBI to manage stress.
It is used by 49 professional sports teams to boost recovery.
Used in over 1 million surgical procedures, 98% of patients would recommend NuCalm for a significantly better experience.

Allow yourself the chance to forget the outside world and become completely Zen with your mind and body. Resting, recovering and restoring your body with NuCalm will give you the best chance at tackling whatever life has to throw at you. Call or talk to one of our staff members next time you book to ask about adding on NuCalm to your service!