IV Drips and Medical Vitamin Injections Mosman Sydney

Our Wellness and Recovery Centre in Mosman Sydney has exclusively partnered with Elevate IV Drips for customised IV and intravenous therapy and medical vitamin intramuscular injections including Vitamin C, B-12, Magnesium and Zinc and many others. Customise your nutritional health today with Elevate IV Drips.

Elevate IV Drips and Tsavo Wellness

IV Drips

Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) is a process of delivering natural vitamins minerals and amino-acids directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, allowing better absorption as degeneration of the vitamins can occur during the digestive process. IV Therapy aids in returning nutrient levels to a healthy state, achieve optimum physical and cognitive functions and reintroduces the vitamins, minerals and amino-acids, at 90-100% absorption rate, that are otherwise depleted because of illness or inability to absorb oral nutrition.

Please contact us via sanctuary@tsavowellness.com.au for appointments, and for customisable IV & IM treatment.


Vitamin and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Intravenous treatments provided are integrated therapy and should never replace advice from your treating Medical Doctor or Specialist. Please note there are no guarantees of desired outcomes and not all individuals are suitable candidates for IV treatment. All treatments and medical procedures come with potential risks and side effects that will be discussed during your detailed consultation prior to your treatment.


Expert Care With IV Drips And Medical Nutrition

At Tsavo, we understand the importance of addressing your unique wellness concerns, which is why we offer customised IV Therapy solutions tailored to your specific goals and deficiencies.

IV therapy allows for rapid nutrient delivery, bypassing the digestive system for direct cellular impact. Ideal for individuals with specific concerns or deficiencies, our therapies are customized to address your unique needs.

From NAD+ infusions to essential nutrients like Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-12, Magnesium, Zinc, GABBA, and beyond, our comprehensive range of options ensures that your individual needs are met. Schedule your consultation today to discover how we can elevate your wellness journey.

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