Red Light Therapy

The life-enhancing benefits of Red Light Therapy: LED and near-infrared light therapy

Biohacking the body and optimising your health with Red light therapy and near-infrared light

Red Light therapy is a wellness device proven to deliver multiple benefits including:


Reduce inflammation and pain. Increase sleep quality and the bodies ability to support and heal itself.


Improves mitochondrial and ATP activity through delivering a proven red light frequency. 



Promotes improved moods, mental clarity, and boosts energy through energising ATP.


Promote the body's ability to heal, repair and recover by increasing cellular energy production (ATP) from the cells mitochondria.

RLT is proven to aid in clear skin, healthy hormone support, weight loss, and combat cellulite by improving cellular metabolism.

RLT is photobiomodulation (PBM) and creates healing and anti-aging effects with consistent use through improving cellular metabolism.

Successfully treat aches and pains in tissue, muscle and joint areas.

Deeply relaxing, often described as feeling calm,
but energised. Improves sleep and energy levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During your red light therapy session we ask that you wear either a swimsuit or underwear to expose most of your body to the light. Many people adjust to the light comfortably and find no need for wearing glasses however, we recommend bringing sunglasses each session to wear whilst adjusting to the bright light. Each session ranges from 18-20 minutes to relax and unwind. Please bring personal headphones/earphones if you prefer to listen to music or a podcast during your RLT. Always stay hydrated before and after each session to support the body, particularly if a goal is reducing inflammation/improving circulation. 

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy is the use of red and near-infrared light to sick, degenerating, or wounded tissue and cells. 

Red light Therapy has been clinically proven to boost cellular energy generation (ATP), boost energy, improve circulation, promote immunological function, and stimulate cellular repair. 

These cellular pathways lead to higher muscular performance, increased exercise times and capacity after exercise, reduced inflammation and pain, improved joint motion, improved wound healing, and the release of particular brain molecules that have a good effect on mood and sleep, among other benefits. Come in and try our Red Light Therapy today.

Photochemical effects, similar to photosynthesis in plants, are present. Light decreases oxidative stress and improves cellular energy when the right conditions and frequencies of light are applied. As a result, our cell metabolism improves and inflammation/pain decreases.

The human body is affected by certain wavelengths of light. The higher layers of skin are mostly affected by blue and ultraviolet light. Red light therapy penetrates the skin deeper and can be absorbed by deep-seated cells. Our Red Light Therapy provides a full-body photobiomodulation experience in which the entire body is exposed to therapeutic light. The red light therapy kickstarts natural healing processes while also combating free radicals that cause oxidative stress.  Red Light has been popularised in the beauty industry for skin healing as it improves the cells metabolism and renewal. Our Red light therapy is the same principle, but amplified to benefit the entire body.  

Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
Inflammation is a healthy aspect of the immune system’s reaction. However, it becomes a problem if it’s a result of an autoimmune illness, or when it is sustained, as in a chronic joint condition. Inflammation can harm healthy cells in certain situations. Many of these scenarios, such as arthritis, tendinitis, or an acute joint or muscle injury, might benefit from PBMT to help relieve inflammation and heal damage.


Inflammation-induced by oxidative stress, which is damage caused by environmental causes or lifestyles that lead to an imbalance of antioxidants and destructive free radicals, may also be treated with the Red Light Therapy. Due to the numerous variables that create extra free radicals, such as pollution, ozone, and some chemicals and pesticides, PBMT is effective in reducing oxidative stress.

Skincare Problems
Red Light Therapy can assist with a wide range of skin issues, like sun damage, wrinkles, acne, scars, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots). The major method that PBMT aids in the repair and regeneration of young skin is by increasing collagen formation. Collagen deficiency is the source of many skin problems.


Self-Care, Sleep & Mood
Long-term stress is a crucial contributor to the development of a variety of health problems, ranging from mental health issues to serious disorders like hypertension and even cancer. Making Red Light Therapy a part of your self-care regimen can help you manage stress and alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. Treatments later in the day may help you sleep better.

PBMT has been shown to reduce headache frequency, increase sleep, and improve cognitive states.


Exercise and Sports Performance
Treatments with Red Light Therapy are excellent for assisting athletes and fitness enthusiasts with their routines. PBMT improves healing and prevents muscular pain.

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