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Advance natural recovery responses with Cryo spot treatments.

A powerful and highly therapeutic practice for meaningful wellbeing, pain management and anti-aging that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. 


Fast track your muscle and joint recovery


Minimise pain, treat swelling & wounds by boosting your healing responses


Revitalise, soothe and tighten skin by promoting a boost in collagen production

It’s easy to put your well-being last. With all the hard work and responsibilities you do on a day to day basis, sometimes we forget that our bodies have limits too.

With our Medical-Grade and TGA Registered Cryotherapy; it’s time to start loving your body again and prevent these from happening:

Cryo Spot Treatments Sydney

Our environments demand so much of us- We should have fast and effective ways to revitalise, reboot and live well. Cryo provides back and joint pain relief and promotes healing.

Cryo spot treatments for back pain

How does it work?

We take a little longer with your spot treatments compared to the full-body Cryo by using an airflow of subzero temperatures.

Localised Cryo works the same as whole-body Cryo but enables longer exposure without rapidly cooling the entire body.

Cryo spot treatments are even better for specific muscle and joint pains - such as giving back pain relief or shoulder pain relief - to expose them longer to the cold on the one targeted area. By exposing an area to subzero temperatures, the top skin layer drops in temperature which activates the bodies repair and survival responses.

Maximise pain management and fast track recovery with localised Cryo after your whole-body Cryo session, or benefit from localised treatments on it's own.

The Cryo airflow is also loved as a natural skin tightening and collagen boosting treatment. Cryo facials are known today as the holistic botox, or 'frotox'.

Unnecessary and frustrating aches and pains shouldn’t be something you have to live with.

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Cryotherapy Sydney

Stop wasting your time waiting for your injury to heal itself. Fast track it with this treatment and you will achieve relief, muscle recovery, reduce inflammation.

Cryo facials boost collagen production for younger looking skin and can safely be done over makeup.

Advance Cryo Spot Treatments

Bio-hack the body back to it’s best.

3 minutes of cryogenic air is all it takes!

We offer the safest administration of cryotherapy as the nitrogen is an enclosed system, so you are never exposed or at risk. 

Relief and Recovery in 3 Minutes

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Don’t fear the cold – embrace its powerhouse properties.

Cryo Spot Treatments Exposure

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a type of cryotherapy that concentrates on specific portions of the body rather than the entire body, similar to how you might use ice on an injured knee or an area of persistent pain. The goal of whole-body therapy is to provide generalized health advantages to the patient’s entire body, whereas spot cryotherapy is focused on a certain problem area. This procedure is frequently used for sprains, back pain relief, joint pain relief and shoulder pain relief, arthritic relief and skin health.

The Cryo airflow covers the region of your choosing with a constant flow of subzero cooled air.


The cold activates natural healing responses in the body where nutrient rich oxygenated blood is focussed onto the problem area. The body’s response to Cryo is one of the most effective biohacking methods available for pain management and recovery.  


Spot Cryotherapy is commonly used for strained muscle treatment, shoulder pain relief or inflammatory joint pain relief, like the knee or hip. 

A spot cryotherapy session lasts 8 to 12 minutes per area and is appropriate for anyone suffering from chronic pain from arthritis or transient discomfort after a sports injury. In order to adequately provide therapy, numerous sessions may be arranged over a lengthy period of time. Cryo Facials can be added into Eminence Organics facials for an extra glow and collagen boost. Cryo facials are also great before an event such as weddings or a  work event to enhance your glow. 

Yes, it is 100% safe with little to no implications (very uncommon). It will provide you with the best results for spot injury treatments on almost all the areas of your body. From skin damage to muscle tension like back and shoulder pain relief, joint pain relief, sprains, and many more. Spot Cryo treatments were originally used for specific medical ailments. However, because of its popularity, it evolved from medical applications to overall health and wellness. It doesn’t just aid your muscle’s recovery but it also provides a range of beauty benefits.


Tsavo’s Cryotherapy is the safest equipment available as there is NO nitrogen delivery or exposure to the body at any time.  This is unique as many open-top Cryo chambers present risks of gas inhalation or burns due to gas exposure and the style of chamber. Cryo with us is an enjoyable experience and effective through cryogenically, gas free cooled air.

For people from all walks of life, cryotherapy can be a life-changing treatment. It’s extremely adaptable and has many advantages. If you’re an athlete looking for a means to recuperate, increase performance and mend your muscles, this might be an excellent alternative for you. If you suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia, cryotherapy can help you find pain relief. Cryotherapy is not recommended if you have extremely high blood pressure or if you have tumour illness, symptomatic lung problems, or bleeding disorders.

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