Advance Natural Recovery Responses With Cryo Spot Treatments

A powerful and highly therapeutic practice for meaningful wellbeing, pain management and anti-aging that dates back to the ancient Egyptians

Localised Cryotherapy concentrates on specific portions of the body rather than the entire body, similar to how you might use ice on an injured knee or an area of persistent pain.

The goal of whole-body Cryotherapy is to provide generalized health advantages to the patient’s entire body, whereas spot cryotherapy is focused on targeting a problem area and allows for longer treatment times to that area using therapeutic temperatures.

This procedure is frequently used for sprains, back pain relief, joint pain relief and shoulder pain relief, arthritic relief and skin health.

Localised Cyrotherapy prevents:


Swelling that causes muscle pain


Arthritic pain

Atopic dermatitis, Rosacea and other skin conditions

Back pain, muscle pain, joint pain and more

Skin tightening and collagen boosting

Relief And Recovery- Targeted cold therapy


How Does It Work?

We take a little longer with your spot treatments compared to the full-body Cryo by using an airflow of subzero temperatures. Localised Cryo works the same as whole-body Cryo but enables longer exposure without rapidly cooling the entire body.

Cryo spot treatments are even better for specific muscle and joint pains – such as giving back pain relief or shoulder pain relief – to expose them longer to the cold on the one targeted area. By exposing an area to subzero temperatures, the top skin layer drops in temperature which activates the bodies repair and survival responses.

Maximise pain management and fast track recovery with localised Cryo after your whole-body Cryo session, or benefit from localised treatments on it’s own. The Cryo airflow is also loved as a natural skin tightening and collagen boosting treatment. Cryo facials are known today as the holistic botox, or ‘frotox’.

How Long Will The it Last?

A targeted cryotherapy session lasts 4 to 30 minutes depending on the area and treatment type required. The average treatment time is around 12-15 minutes. Localised cryotherapy is appropriate for anyone suffering from chronic pain from arthritis or transient discomfort after a sports injury. In order to adequately provide therapy, numerous sessions are recommended over a period of time, typical as per any effective recovery plan.

Cryo Facials can be added into Eminence Organics facials for an extra glow and collagen boost. Cryo facials are also great before an event such as weddings or a work event to enhance your glow.

Is Spot Cryo Treatment Safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe with little to no implications (very uncommon). It will provide you with the best results for spot injury treatments on almost all the areas of your body. From skin damage to muscle tension like back and shoulder pain relief, joint pain relief, sprains, and many more. Spot Cryo treatments were originally used for specific medical ailments. However, because of its popularity, it evolved from medical applications to overall health and wellness. It doesn’t just aid your muscle’s recovery but it also provides a range of beauty benefits.


Tsavo’s Cryotherapy is the safest equipment available as there is NO nitrogen delivery or exposure to the body at any time.  This is unique as many open-top Cryo chambers present risks of gas inhalation or burns due to gas exposure and the style of chamber. Cryo with us is an enjoyable experience and effective through cryogenically, gas free cooled air.

Who Will Best Benefit With This Treatment?

For people from all walks of life, cryotherapy can be a life-changing treatment. It’s extremely adaptable and has many advantages. If you’re an athlete looking for a means to recuperate, increase performance and mend your muscles, this might be an excellent alternative for you. If you suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia, cryotherapy can help you find pain relief. Cryotherapy is not recommended if you have extremely high blood pressure or if you have tumour illness, symptomatic lung problems, or bleeding disorders.

$30 to $180 AUD

Single Session

Cold therapy in the form of a targeted cold air flow that leaves the machine at -160 degrees, hitting the skin at about -140 degrees.

Treatment prices vary depending on the area of the body and time required.

Treatment Packages

Treatment packages and memberships are available in the clinic and will be customised according to your injury/recovery needs and the number of sessions required for results. Speak with our team to arrange a treatment plan perfect for you.

Cyrotherapy "Frotox" 12-18minutes

A secret Hollywood favourite for naturally stimulating more collagen, elastin and maintaining brighter skin by improving cellular health. This can be done over makeup and is a pre-event secret for tighter, brighter skin! Terms and Conditions apply to all memberships and packages.

Don’t fear the cold – embrace its powerhouse properties.