Infrared Sauna

The easiest habit you’ll love to create

Activate the body’s natural healing process, strengthen your immune system, increase blood flow reducing inflammation and enjoy detoxification

caring for your cellular health

Full Spectrum Sydney Infrared Saunas are a wellness device proven and trusted to deliver multiple benefits including:

Increased Blood Flow

Resulting in faster muscle and injury recovery


Supports weight loss and improves your metabolism


Get a healthier and younger skin

The more frequently infrared saunas are used, the sooner and easier you will sweat each time which allows for a high level of detoxification and deep health benefits that will positively effect the ease of everyday life.

Full-spectrum infrared saunas combat the bodies process of toxic accumulation and storage.

Clinically shown to raise core temperature, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss.

Completely safe, non toxic materials FDA approved. World renowned EMF expert tested and certified as ULTRA LOW.

Consistent and comfortable sauna experience. Steady, gentle heat, with no cool patches and no burning hot spots – safe and effective near, mid and far infrared heat throughout your sauna.

Regular sauna sessions are loved by many including Joe Rogan, Tia-Clair Toomey, Kendall Jenner and Alex Pendlebury.

Find a sauna routine that works for you and feel the difference it makes to everyday life.


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Choose the option and package that best suits you in our Sydney clinic.


Experience a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere

Leave your troubles at the door and instantly relax.


Feel a better version of yourself

Feel empowered and know you made the right choice for your body.

Pain comes with frustration and stress. When you lose your full mobility due to inflammation and muscle pain, enjoying life can be hard. Biohacking your body will optimise your health and will bring back the energy and happiness you need.

woman relaxing infrared sauna

Relax away the business of the day as the layers of your body absorb the healing infrared waves of Tsavo’s saunas.

women in infrared sauna wrapped in a towel

A single session consists of 50 relaxing minutes in the sauna suits – relax and let the infrared rays do what they do best.

Each sauna suite has your own shower to leave you feeling refreshed. Step out feeling lighter, reset, and well-rested.

Activate your body’s natural healing process and feel these benefits

Days of feeling sluggish in and out are over. It’s time to activate your body’s natural healing process and feel more lively and stress-free.

Before your infrared sauna appointment we ask that you come hydrated, having at least 1 litre of water in the few hours prior. Each relaxing booking allows you the room for 50 minutes. We recommend 30-40 minutes inside the sauna and using the  remaining time to shower, cool down and refresh. 

For your best comfort we advise wearing swimwear in our infrared saunas.  Tsavo has negatively charged filtered water where you can fill up bottles before and after your appointments. We happily supply all towels for your sauna and shower, and provide additional water and glasses in the sauna suite.  Many prefer to bring large water bottles that stay cool in the heat. 

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