Looking for Cryotherapy in Sydney?

Revitalise with medical-grade cryotherapy in Sydney. Available from TSAVO Wellness, this powerful, highly therapeutic practice for meaningful well-being, pain management and anti-ageing that dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

Cryotherapy is a fast and effective way to revitalise, reboot and repair the body from pain, stress and injury. It is a staple wellness practice for the mind and body. Cryotherapy is a wellness tool chosen by athletes and celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Alicia Keys, Mark Wahlberg, and major league athletes such as Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo for sharper minds, restoring the body, better performance, and physique maintenance.

Cryo is a fast and effective way to revitalise, reboot and repair the body from pain, stress and injury.


Our cryo chamber in Sydney is a TGA-registered medical device that is safe and unique, with zero nitrogen exposure or risk of cold-burns. Whole-body cryotherapy provides relief and recovery against:

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling and numbness
  • Migraines
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Arthritic pain
  • Atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions
  • Inflammation
  • Boost mental clarity and increased energy

Cryotherapy promotes glowing and healthy skin, boosts metabolism and improves sleep and mental alertness. It also promotes weight loss by creating an extra energy burn of up to 800 calories each session.

Whole Body Cyrotherapy prevents:


Swelling and numbness


Muscle aches and pains

Arthritic pain

Atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions

Relief And Recovery In 3 Minutes


How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Proudly offering Sydney’s best cryotherapy chamber and safest cryo experience, your body quickly enters a biohacking survival mode state in response to the three minutes of therapeutic cold exposure. As your skin quickly cools from the cold environment, the body naturally sends repair signals to the brain to maintain your internal body temperature.

It is completely safe, as only the skin drops in temperature, reaching less than 1 mm deep. In response to the external cold environment, your brain quickly reroutes oxygenated blood to vital organs, areas of inflammation or injury and anywhere in need of repair.

As a result, your body now has oxygen-rich, nutrient-dense blood pumped quickly around the body. The high-quality blood effectively aids in relieving muscle pain, decreasing inflammation and improving skin health.

As the body works hard to keep you warm, you can burn up to 800 additional calories during and post-treatment. Cryotherapy is one of the few experiences that activates a full body internal response, requiring a high energy level to carry out the rejuvenating benefits.

What Does Cryotherapy Do?

We surround your body with cryogenically cooled air that rapidly drops the skin temperature for three minutes. Therapeutic cold exposure triggers your parasympathetic nervous system and alerts the brain to enter a rapid survival mode whereby the body’s recovery system is in overdrive. This biohacked state is optimal as, to ‘survive’ the cold, the body quickly repairs itself by reducing inflammation, for example.

Our medically proven cryo chamber is unique as it does not expose the body to any nitrogen. Only cryogenically cooled air that reaches the necessary temperature for full wellness responses and therapeutic benefit is used. Cryotherapy also causes the body to release natural mood elevators, such as endorphins.

This therapy supports a calmer nervous system, reduces stress, and increases mental clarity. Blood vessels in the skin shrink in cryo mode while the blood circulation to your organs increases, helping to maintain body warmth.

While in a short burst of hormetic (therapeutic) stress induced by cryotherapy, your body produces cold shock proteins to improve your cardiovascular function. These proteins help enrich your blood with oxygen and nutrients to assist in accelerating cellular regeneration, relieving muscle pain, improving your metabolism, and increasing the body’s resilience to any stress.

What do I Wear During My Cryo Treatment?

TSAVO Wellness has terry-towelling style cryo sets for you to wear during your three minutes in our cryotherapy chamber. You also have the option to wear dry gym clothes to your session. We recommend not rugging up with a robe instantly post-cryo but instead going for a short walk.

The best practice is to allow the body to return naturally to its usual temperature over a few minutes. This helps maximise the cold response and benefits as the body works to warm up.

What Should I Expect from My Cryo Session?

The Cryo Arctic is pre-cooled before you enter. At the beginner level, the Cryo chamber is set to -110°C. A trained TSAVO Wellness team member is with you the entire time to carry out the cryo experience.

Prepare to dance along to your favourite tune during your three-minute session and enjoy this exquisite experience. Or you can opt for no music and have peace of mind inside the chamber.
Due to the extreme cold, many experience an instant endorphin release and post-cryo excitement. It is all part of the fun! Endorphins are the body’s natural and most effective pain reliever.

The cryotherapy chamber from TSAVO Wellness represents the best equipment in Australia, being TGA-approved, nitrogen-free and a completely enclosed chamber. The fact that the whole-body chamber is enclosed is important as it exposes the central nervous system to the cold through nerve receptors in the head and neck. It amplifies the biohacking benefits of cryotherapy, unlike many machines where the cold does not reach the head and neck.

Is Cryotherapy a New Technology?

Cryotherapy is not a new technology. In fact, it dates back to ancient Egypt. Cryotherapy was introduced to Western medicine in 1978 in Japan by a doctor seeking a means to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, the technique has been studied and improved upon for its beauty and anti-aging benefits.

Cryotherapy works on the same principle as an ice bath for the mind and body. However, it amplifies the experience for greater efficacy and benefits, while making it much more fun and comfortable. The time flies by compared to a few minutes in an ice bath!

Who Benefits from Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is used by individuals from all walks of life looking to alleviate pain and inflammation, boost energy and treat stress-related disorders. Professional athletes love and widely use cryo to speed up muscle pain relief and injury recovery. Those using it claim cryo allows them to work out harder and recover faster.

Cryotherapy is also loved by Rita Ora, Tony Robbins and many more celebrities to include a wellness routine in their busy schedules so as to be able to face life’s many demands.

What Does the Cryo Experience Feel Like?

Cryotherapy from TSAVO Wellness is safe, fun, quick and effective. Our flexible cryo chamber allows us to operate your session with the window fully closed or halfway down for beginners. This removes the fear of being enclosed, while keeping the whole body in the cold.

Most clients come out surprised at how much easier it was than they had previously thought! Every session is exhilarating and calming at the same time. It is almost hard not to fall in love with the cryo experience and its benefits.


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$99 single session

Single Session

Immerse your body in -110°c for just three minutes and activate the body’s optimal recovery and repair responses, stimulating a feel-good physical response and associated mental benefits. Each session activates a metabolic boost that can burn up to 800 calories.

3 sessions - $279

One-Time Offer for Three Cryo Sessions

Available once per client to experience cryo’s benefits and positive feelings. This special offer of three cryo sessions is valid for two weeks. It is designed to encourage an initial regularity of sessions to maximise wellness benefits and appreciate cryotherapy’s power.

5 sessions - $450

Five Cryo Session Deal

Purchase a five-session deal and save! Larger packages are also available, as well as customised packages and memberships. Speak to us in-clinic for more information. Terms and Conditions apply to all memberships and packages.

Experience tranquillity within the cryotherapy cold chamber from TSAVO Wellness.