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Revitalise with medical-grade
TGA registered Sydney Cryotherapy

A powerful and highly therapeutic practice for meaningful wellbeing, pain management and anti-aging that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. 


Alleviate pain due to muscle soreness, fast track muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and increase healthy energy levels. One session burns up to 800 additional calories.


Triggers your body to release endorphins, positive hormones and neurotransmitters that help achieve better sleep and mental clarity.


Tightens and tones skin by boosting collagen production and circulation. Feel refreshed in minutes, in our Sydney Cryoptherapy clinic.

It’s easy to put your well-being last.
With all the hard work and responsibilities you do on a day to day basis, sometimes we forget that our bodies have limits too.

With our Medical-Grade TGA Registered Cryo therapy, designed for reducing muscle pain relief; it’s time to start loving your body again and prevent: 

Our environments demand so much of us - Cryo is a fast and effective way to revitalise, reboot and get some muscle pain relief.

We understand that it's easy to let your well-being come last given all the stress that life gives you. Cryotherapy makes it easy to put yourself first.

Cryo Arctic is a Wellness asset to

Cryotherapy is a staple wellness practice for the mind and body for busy personalities including Tony Robbins, Alicia keys, Mark Wahlberg and major league athletes such as Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Kardashians and Cryo

How does it work?

When inside our Sydney Cryo Arctic chamber for 3 minutes, your body quickly enters a survival mode state as your skin cools and activates signals to the brain in order to keep your internal body warm. This is safe as the skin drops in temperature and only reaches less than 1 millimetre deep. Responding to the external cold environment, your brain re-routes oxygenated blood to vital organs and keeps them warm. As a result, your body now has higher quality oxygen-rich and nutrient-dense blood that is pumped quickly around the body. The high-quality blood can then effectively aid in muscle pain relief, decreasing inflammation, improving the skin and all the prior mentioned valuable benefits of Cryotherapy.

After the whole body has worked hard to keep you warm in the chamber, an average of 800 additional calories is burnt during and post-treatment.

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Taking your health and wellness for granted can cause stress that deteriorates the quality of your life. With our Cryotherapy, experience tranquillity within these cold chambers and have an improved physical and mental well being.

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Introductory offer of 3 sessions for $249

Dress in dry gym clothes or wear our Cryo sets as we guide you through each fast, fun and effective 3-minute treatment.

Relief and Recovery in 3 Minutes

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Cryotherapy Muscle Pain Relief
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Don’t fear the cold – embrace its powerhouse properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be exposed to extreme cold for 3minutes. Your body will be surrounded by cryogenically cooled air as you feel a rapid skin temperature decrease. Our Cryo Arctic at Tsavo is unique due to not exposing the body whatsoever to nitrogen, only cooled air that reaches medically required temperatures for full wellness efficacy.  This exposure will result in stimulation of your body’s skin sensors while activating your central nervous system response nodes.

Then your body will release its natural mood elevators and pain deflectors such as endorphins. In this state, your body will also tell your brain to go into survival mode. Blood vessels in the skin and peripheral shrink in this mode, and blood circulation to your organs increases, helping to keep them warm.

While on survival mode, toxins are also being eliminated and your blood is being enriched with oxygen and nutrients to help accelerate cellular regeneration, muscle pain relief and eliminate pollutants. In this state, the body essentially works to remove or treat anything that is hindering its ability to survive and thrive in the extreme cold. 

Tsavo has terry-towelling style Cryo sets, or you can come in dry gym wear clothing ready for the cryotherapy experience. We recommend not rugging up with a robe instantly post Cryo. The best practice is to allow the body to naturally return to its usual temperature over a few minutes. This helps maximise the cold response and benefits as the body works to warm up.

The Cryo Arctic will be pre-cooled before you enter. On beginner level, the Cryo ‘room’ is set to -110ºC.

Relax for the duration of the 1- to 3-minute session and enjoy this exquisite experience. Due to the extreme cold many experience instant endorphins release and post Cryo excitement, it’s all part of the fun!  Endorphins are the bodies natural and most effective pain reliever. 


Tsavo’s Cryo Chamber is the best equipment in Australia being nitrogen-free and a closed chamber. The closed Chamber allows for the head and neck to experience the cold exposure which is vital in reaching benefits of mental and mobility. the Whole body chamber is so important as it exposes the CNS to the cold and amplifies benefits, unlike many machines where the head and neck are not reached by the cold. 


Cryotherapy dates back to ancient Egypt, and began western medicine involvement in Japan in 1978  by a doctor seeking a way to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, it’s been studied and improved for beauty benefits, anti-aging and the aforementioned. 


Cryotherapy is the same principle of ice baths for the mind and body, however, it is an amplified practice with far greater efficacy and benefits. Cryotherapy in a chamber is also much more fun, comfortable and faster practice compared to a few minutes in an ice bath!

Cryotherapy is used by professional sportsmen and teams to speed up muscle pain relief and injury recovery. It’s used to alleviate pain and inflammation, boost energy, and treat stress-related disorders. Those that utilize it claim Cryo allows them to work out harder and recover faster.

Cryotherapy is also loved by Rita Ora, Tony Robbins and many more to support their wellness through busy schedules and life’s many demands. 

Even if you’re not an athlete, cryotherapy can be beneficial to you! 

Cryotherapy at Tsavo is safe, fun, quick and effective. The Cryo chamber is flexible and can operate in your session with the window down for beginners or fully closed whilst still keeping the whole body in the cold. Every session is exhilarating and calming at the same time, it’s almost hard not to fall in love with Tsavo’s Cryo experience and benefits. 

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