Lymphatic Massage, The Modern Way

Feel deeply relaxed while you enjoy all the benefits of the Slimyonik lymphatic massage suit combined with the holiday-like feel experienced in our peaceful oasis.

Effectively activate and support your lymphatic system in our Slimyonik Lymphatic Massage Suit.

Our lymphatic system is our body’s main detoxification pathway and one of the few processes in the body that needs to be activated by ways such as exercise or manual lymphatic stimulation. Feel the goodness of the compression on your muscles whilst the suit activates and boosts your body’s natural lymphatic drainage system, simulating a workout whilst you lay and relax.

The Slimyonik Lymphatic Massage Suit systematically massages the body through 12 chambers to effectively reduce inflammation, lactic acid build up and can even aid in the reduction of cellulite, through the detoxification of built up toxins stored in your fat cells.

With 8 different settings varying in focus from sports recovery to slimming and cellulite, the massage suit can be tailored to your individual goals.

Our Lymphatic Massage Suit can helps with:

Smoothing skin textures and dimply skin

Achy and puffy limbs that make you feel sluggish

Heavy sensations that weigh you down

Recovering from post-exercise muscle pain

Built up fluid in the body

Poor blood flow and circulation

Enjoy the benefits of

Fast-tracked Muscle Recovery

Improved texture and appearance of your skin

Relaxation while inflammations and tensions are flushed away

Supporting weight loss

A lighter and looser feeling body


What to expect?

The lower body suit as it activates your lymph system, stimulating your lower body from your toes to the top of your abdomen. The Lymphatic massage suit is quite a relaxing experience for most people with the alternating compression and decompression of the 12 chambers down the body. We will provide you with disposable pants/top to wear and a one-use oxygen cannula. You can enjoy some relaxing music and dim lighting while you comfortably rejuvenate your mind and body over the 30-40 minute treatment.

How does it work?

Our lymphatic system is one of the main detoxification pathways in the body. We are exposed to so many toxins in our everyday lives, and often our body holds onto these toxins in our stored fat cells, unless our lymphatic system is stimulated to release them. The Lymphatic Massage suit activates your lymphatic system to help remove these toxins, allowing you to feel all of the benefits of detoxification such as releasing that puffy, sluggish feeling we can often experience.

The compression of the suit stimulates blood flow, increasing the delivery of nutrient rich blood to the muscles whilst aiding in the metabolic removal of waste that can be causing pain or inflammation. The addition of oxygen to the therapy also assists in increasing your metabolism, helping you to burn up to 400 calories with each treatment. De-bloat, reshape and define your body shape and muscles by reducing swelling with the Lymphatic Massage suit.

What are the different settings?

Lymphatic drainage massage: All chambers are interchangeably inflated to activate lymph drainage from the toes to the top of the abdomen.

Sports massage: Speed up the release and removal of lactic acid after training for faster muscle recovery.

Textured skin and skin dimples treatment: eliminating built-up fluids and improving the lymphatic drainage process to improve the appearance of fat pockets/skin dimples. For best results, this treatment is packaged with an infrared sauna either pre or post-massage.

Relaxing massage: A soothing deep compression massage setting to relax and soothe an exhausted body by resting and cleansing away excess fluid/tension.

Slimming Treatment: Each treatment burns up to 400 calories from effectively working the lymphatic system.

Liposuction: Designed for post-liposuction patients to compliment fat cavitation for smoother skin contours and faster healing.

$90 AUD

Single Session

The modern and most efficient approach to lymphatic detoxification and drainage. Each treatment relieves tensions in the body leaving you feeling lighter, looser, and relaxed, whilst also great for post-exercise muscle soreness relief and recovery support. 

3 Pack for $210 AUD

3 Session Pack

Available once per client to experience the relieving benefits that the Slimyonik Lymphatic massage suit can have on your body – like alleviating tension, muscle soreness, fluid retention and inflammation. This special offer 3 pack has a lifetime of 2 months, but is designed to encourage an initial regularity of sessions, to maximise the wellness benefits and understanding of how great lymphatic massage suit really feels.

$135 AUD

TW Signature: Lymphatic and Sauna Package

Easily and effectively detox, reduce fluid retention, improve circulation, and refresh the body with our ultimate detox signature pairing. Our most popular pairing will activate the lymph system first with a relaxing session in the Lymphatic Massage Suit, followed by a peaceful 50 minutes in our infrared sauna to sweat out those nasty toxins. Terms and Conditions apply to all memberships and packages.

Clear Excess Toxins And Restore Your Body.