Understanding How to Biohack Your Body

Biohacking uses alternative healing methods for the body beyond traditional medicine. It is the process of using science and technology to enhance your body’s natural healing ability. Some common biohacking techniques, like meditation and intermittent fasting, have been around for centuries.

Biohacking is steadily gaining popularity amongst people who want to look and feel better without invasive interventions. Unlike previous generations using generic pills and invasive medical procedures, biohacking allows people to take control of their own body. If your body can be prompted to heal faster, look better, and feel better, then why not?

It’s become so popular because it has been shown to improve health, increase energy, create a stronger immune system, and increase athletic performance. The concept of biohacking was born out of the idea that humans are not merely machines, but rather biological organisms.

Biohacking involves a bit of experimentation because every ‘body’ is different and responds in its own distinctive way. At Tsavo, we know how important and effective biohacking can be and want to share that goodness with you.

What are the most effective types of biohacks?

Some of the most popular forms of biohacking right now are:

  • Meditation – One of the oldest forms of biohacking known to man. Meditation has been used in numerous religions and spiritual traditions around the world. The practice allows you to tap into a state of inner stillness and relaxation, leading to greater self-awareness and increased connection between mind and body. When you meditate your body enters parasympathetic nervous system, welcoming in a natural state of healing, calm and equanimity. It also increases creativity, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases lasting happiness.


  • Cryotherapy (Cold water therapy) is another ancient practice that was used to treat injuries and inflammation. ‘Cryotherapy’ is a Greek word that breaks down to ‘cryo’ and ‘therapeia’ which translates to cold cure. During Cryotherapy your body is surrounded by cryogenically cooled air that rapidly drops the skin temperature, triggering your parasympathetic nervous system and alerting the brain to enter a rapid survival mode. This causes your brain to quickly re-route oxygenated blood to vital organs, areas of inflammation/injury, and anywhere in need of repair. It also a massive adrenaline rush and energy boost!


  • Intermittent fasting – Research shows fasting (not consuming any food) for a certain number of hours each day or eating just one small meal a couple days a week may have health benefits. This based on our evolution as human beings. In prehistoric times, before we learned to farm, we were hunters and gatherers who evolved to survive and thrive for long periods without eating. Nowadays, in our busy modern lives, many people eat or snack all day long, leading to high rates of obesity. Some people try intermitting fasting for weight management, and others use the method to address chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol, or arthritis. However intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone so always check with your doctor first.


  • Lymphatic Drainage – Lymphatic drainage has increased in popularity for good reason. Lymphatic drainage treatments accelerate the absorption and transportation of lymphatic fluids which contain toxins, bacteria, viruses, and proteins. At Tsavo we offer a specially designed suit that systematically massages the body through 12 chambers to reduce inflammation, lactic acid build up and can even aid in the reduction of cellulite, through the detoxification of built up toxins stored in your fat cells. While using the suit you are in a reclined lounge chair, so you can meditate at the same time, maximising the benefit of the procedure.


  • Wearable technology – This is something so many of us without even realising we are biohacking! For example, perhaps a watch that capture data around exercise, steps, and even tracks sleep patterns. The idea is that the more data you have on your body’s mechanical functions, the more you can optimise your body for better performance.


  • Neurofeedback – Neurofeedback therapy aims to change the way the brain responds to certain stimuli. It’s also been used to treat epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, among other mental health disorders. Neurofeedback therapy attempts to help the patient control their brainwaves consciously. It monitors your brain for brainwave activity and almost immediately provides feedback, often through visual or audio cues. For example, the therapy administrator might have you watch something on a screen while measuring your beta waves. When you manifest beta waves, the screen brightens in response; if you inhibit the beta waves, the screen dims. The goal is to provide you with enough reinforcement that you try to repeat your behavior to get the reward (i.e a brighter screen) again.


  • Infrared Saunas –  Saunas create an “artificial fever” in the body which improves the body’s immune system. Infrared Saunas, the ones we use here at Tsavo, are one of the only ways to detoxify the body from fat-soluble toxins, through a process known as lipolysis. This increased blood flow efficiently carries off metabolic waste products and delivers fresh oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. An infrared sauna works differently to a regular sauna which simply heats your surroundings rather than your core temperature.


  • Red Light Therapy (RLT) – Red light technology affects mitochondrial function, which improves cellular energy and activates the nervous system and metabolic processes. This activity has been shown to relieve pain, rejuvenate skin, regenerate tissue, recover muscles, boost testosterone, reduce inflammation, and much more. Red light technologies are the ultimate biohacking products. There have been many scientific studies that support RLT, mainly highlighting benefits in the areas of skin, mood, sleep, and inflammation.

The list of biohacks is growing. More and more people are turning to different ways to improve and optimise their health. While there are some that are very futuristic and maybe even a bit out there (life extension, for example) there are certainly lots of different types of non-invasive biohacks you can include as part of your wellness routine right now.

If you are curious and want to learn more, you can start with some Red-Light Therapy. Or Cryotherapy (whole body or localised), otherwise you could relax with a Lymphatic Massage Suit. The choice is yours!

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