All Things Liquid Chlorophyll

Upon visiting TSAVO Wellness you may have been offered or notice us walking around drinking cups and bottles filled with a green liquid. Do not be alarmed! This is just our favourite liquid chlorophyll, mixed into our drinking water, to give us all the health and wellness benefits that come along with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants and is completely safe to consume. In fact, you are probably already consuming chlorophyll through your leafy green vegetables, green tea, wheatgrass, potatoes and even some herbs.

Recently, there has been a health craze surrounding chlorophyll water (as you may have seen on Tik Tok) which may have made you hesitant to trust its claimed benefits or questioning its validity. Although we absolutely agree you should always do your own research, we have been looking into, and testing out liquid chlorophyll for many years now and lucky for you we have sourced some trustworthy information and even seen the benefits for ourselves.

Chlorophyll naturally works by absorbing energy from the sun to assist plants through photosynthesis, allowing them to grow. Liquid chlorophyll is actually a combination of chlorophyll with sodium and copper salts to form chlorophyllin, which is believed to be more readily absorbed by the body. Combining this chlorophyllin with water is believed to have many health benefits as chlorophyll is full of vitamins and antioxidants.

There are many claims to the benefits of drinking liquid chlorophyll, mainly surrounding increased energy, skin health, weight loss, gut health, support of the immune system and decrease in risk of certain cancers. We’ll be honest with you, unfortunately to date there is not enough scientific evidence to support ALL of the major claims that tend to surround liquid chlorophyll. However, because of the knowledge that we have on the many advantageous properties of chlorophyll itself, we know that chances are, we will see a lot of these potential health benefits when consuming liquid chlorophyll.

What are the benefits of liquid chlorophyll?

As chlorophyll is filled with antioxidants, it is believed that liquid chlorophyll has significant anti-inflammatory properties, which has great potential in providing countless health benefits, such as assisting in weight loss, increase in energy and improving gut health. As well as this, liquid chlorophyll is believed to have an alkalising effect on the body, which in itself has great potential health benefits particularly in supporting the immune system, as our bodies tend to be overly acidic which can cause many health problems. Chlorophyll is also believed to provide a natural deodorising effect which can significantly improve bad breath or body odour, therefore consuming things with high amounts of chlorophyll, such as chlorophyll water, is potentially very beneficial.

In terms of skin health, there is not a lot of data suggesting liquid chlorophyll can heal skin conditions such as acne or eczema or that it has anti-ageing properties, however topical chlorophyll creams have shown some great results in this area. In saying this, with its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to reduce bacterial growth and its believed ability to improve gut health (by supporting detoxification), liquid chlorophyll is likely to help improve your skin health from the inside out.

Additionally, there is scientific evidence to support the claim that liquid chlorophyll can potentially reduce your risk of liver cancer and has also been associated with a reduced risk of pancreatic cancer. This is due to the ability of chlorophyllin to support our liver and kidneys through the detoxification process and therefore more efficiently remove aflatoxins from the body that are believed to increase your risk of developing these cancers. These detoxification properties are also potentially associated with improved gut health, weight loss, improved skin health and boosting your immune system, to help you journey towards greater overall health and wellness.

Liquid chlorophyll is not a miracle drink, as claimed by many individuals these days. It is not going to solve all our problems, nor will we see any benefits after just one glass, but with a bit of consistency we are likely to see the health benefits associated with drinking liquid chlorophyll. Obviously, when adding any new supplement to our routine consistently, we absolutely recommend speaking to your doctor or health professional. However, drinking chlorophyll is highly unlikely to harm us in any way, and it never hurts to add a little TLC to our daily routine. Liquid chlorophyll is a great way we can support our internal health, to gain health benefits that generate external results.

At TSAVO Wellness we are firm believers that our bodies really do work from the inside out and we have felt these benefits of liquid chlorophyll for ourselves! Don’t let the green colour scare you away, we promise the taste is not as bad as you may think. In fact, a lot of our clients have even come to love it on their regular visits. So next time you’re in the clinic please feel free to ask our staff to try some chlorophyll water for yourself and you might just get as hooked as we have!