Our Healthy Habits to Conquer the Winter Season

As the sun fades away and we head into what feels like a very early winter season here in Sydney, it is very important to us that we keep up, and even heighten, our health and wellness practices to combat those winter blues, particularly in our world’s current climate. Growing up I was always battling sickness in the winter months, to the point where for 3 years I had tonsillitis at least 6 times every winter season. Granted, I had my tonsils removed subsequently, but after that (and all the ice cream I could conquer), I really began my own health and wellness journey with an aim to enhance my immune system and reverse the dread of winter months to something much less daunting.

I actually really love winter. I love the fashion, I enjoy snuggling up with a hot coffee and a weighted blanket, I love the warm nourish bowls and I even love the cold walks in the morning. In saying this, you really miss out on all the fun stuff in winter if your body is combating sickness all season long. Sometimes we don’t even feel the generic symptoms of our sickness but when our body is internally fighting with no help from us, we definitely feel more sluggish, inflamed and even low mentally. Through my studies of medical science and psychology I have learnt that the body and the mind are innately connected and so it is so easy to get into this harmful cycle during the winter months of feeling physically mediocre, which puts us down mentally, which makes our body struggle more and so on.  

Do not be disheartened! I am going to share some of the most helpful healthy habits I have come across to make the winter seasons (dare I say) enjoyable!

1. Nourish Your Body 

The first thing I would say is making sure you are continuing to nourish your body with what you consume. It is so easy when it’s cold outside to just stay in on the couch and finish all the snacks in the fridge because who can be bothered going grocery shopping and cooking a meal – not I, that’s for sure. My favourite easy winter meals, that take no time at all, are warm nourish bowls or salads! Just grab any source of protein you have easy access to, that you enjoy, whether it be a can of tuna, some cooked chicken, some tofu, whatever you’re feeling, and then whatever vegetables you have in the fridge, cooked up with some rice or quinoa and whatever dressing you feel like and voila’ a warm bowl of goodness.


2. Move Your Body

As much as we want to stay in bed, under our warm blankets on those cold winter days, it is vital that we keep our body moving to not only physically feel better but to keep us sane. Like I said before, I love my brisk morning walks in winter to go get a coffee or catch up with a friend. But believe me there are definitely days where I don’t want to move a muscle. It is all about balance.

In terms of physically working out, who can be bothered right, it is all about getting that blood pumping through our body in one way or another. Although it won’t completely replace your workouts, I am all about finding the best ways to be, what I like to call “lazy healthy” and so my new best friend is the SLIMYONIK Lymphatic massage suit! You lie down on a bed, zip up the suit, close your eyes and 20-40 minutes later you’ve received a full lymphatic massage, enhancing circulation and blood flow around the body and reducing inflammation and stress in the body. I always feel so much lighter and bendier when I get out of the SLIMYONIK massage suit and feel much more relaxed physically, and also mentally because I feel like I’ve done a workout (even if it’s not a replacement- I’ll take it). I mean it does burn up to 400 calories a session and pumps blood to my muscles so in my brain, it’s basically the same thing right!

3. Treat Your Body

I have come to LOVE wellness practices, particularly in winter. Our body does so much for us internally, so it is nice to give back every once in a while and give our body a little extra TLC during the winter months.

A winter favourite of mine is Red-Light Therapy! In summer, we go outside, get some vitamin D and feel an instant mood boost but in winter, we have to find alternatives because we can’t always get the vitamin D we so need. Red light therapy enhances my mental clarity instantly improving my mood and boosting my energy. Red Light Therapy charges your mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of our cells, and therefore energises ATP activity (cellular energy) in the body. This promotes the body’s ability to heal and recover – perfect to combat those winter sicknesses going around. Not only is it great for your body but jumping in a Red Light Therapy bed on a cold day is so relaxing and although there is no heat – feels warm and cozy!

Another winter favourite of mine is an Infrared Sauna. The infrared sauna not only feels great in winter as it is like your own warm oasis, but it significantly helps the body through the detoxification process. Due to this, infrared saunas can boost your metabolism and strengthen your immune system, which will enhance your body’s ability to fight off any infection. The infrared sauna experience consists of steady and gentle heat which means there are no burning hot patches or cold patches, but just a steady state of increasing heat which makes it so easy to relax and let the detox begin. Regularly entering the infrared sauna during winter also improves my mood immensely and makes my body feel restored, which breaks me out of the vicious winter cycle.


I have LOVED my health and wellness journey so far and I am so excited to use TSAVO Wellness’s space and services to enhance these practices, especially in the upcoming winter months! Call us to talk about how to conquer your winter blues and get ready for the best winter yet!