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Wellness Packages Mosman Sydney

Our Wellness and Recovery Centre in Mosman Sydney, offers limitless well-being Packages. Elevate your journey to optimal health, recovery, and rejuvenation through our exclusive package programs. Choose a tailored plan that aligns with your wellness goals, granting you access to a range of premium services and amenities. Join us in redefining your wellness and embrace a lifestyle of optimal health and vitality.


Infrared Sauna

Duration | 50 mins

Temperature | 45'C - 65'C

Featuring a state of the art, clear light cedarwood full spectrum infrared sauna and in room luxury shower facilities, allowing you to escape without interruption. Your sauna experience includes up to 50 minutes of self-care, medical grade chromotherapy lighting, blue tooth entertainment options. Complimentary organic body wash and towels are provided in the in room showers.  

  • 3 Sauna Pack $120.00
  • 5 x Infrared Sauna $198.99
  • 10 x Infrared Saunas $374.99
  • 5 x Couples Infrared Saunas $258.00


Red Light Therapy Whole Body

Photobiomodulation | Red and Near

Duration | 20 mins

Red Light Therapy is a whole-body red light therapy pod that uses red and near-infrared light to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles, joints and increase blood circulation. Exposing your entire body to the benefits of near-infrared light, the treatment allows you to target multiple areas of concern in a single session. The more skin exposed to red light, the better.

  • 3 x Red Light therapy $225.00
  • 5 x Red Light Therapy $345.00
  • 10 x Red Light Therapy $649.99


Whole Body Cryotherapy

Duration | 3 mins

Temperature | -140'C

Step into the Cryo Arctic whole-body chamber where the temperature plummets to as low as minus 140 degrees and surrounds the entire body. Our whole body cryotherapy chamber relieves pain, muscle soreness, assists recovery, anti-aging, weight loss & promotes general wellbeing.

The Cryo Arctic Chamber is the only one approved by the Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia. It’s comfortable and easy to use, with zero nitrogen exposure or risk of cold burns, an adjustable window you can open for optimal comfort.

  • 3 x Cryotherapy Pack $260.00
  • 5 x Cryotherapy Pack $399.00
  • 10 x Cryotherapy Pack $750.00


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Duration | 60-90 Mins

Atmospheric Pressure | 1.3ATA

Inhale pure oxygen and enhance your body’s own healing process with mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The AirPod mHBOT increases the vital oxygen supply to cells and tissues by up to 50% and is regarded as a safe, effective, and non-invasive wellness therapy. mHBOT is a recognised therapy that may reduce fatigue, accelerate injury recovery, strengthen the immune system, reduce oxidative stress, induce relaxation to maintain the autonomic nervous system balance, promote anti-aging, support those living with lifestyle-related diseases, and enhance overall health and well-being. A 60 minute treatment provides the same benefit as consuming 60L of Hydrogen infused water providing fast and effortless improved health benefits. Whilst in the chamber you can relax and listen to music, meditate, read or use your mobile, Ipad or laptop device and breathe in the benefits.

  • 3 x 60 mins M-HBOT Pack $225
  • 5 x 60 mins M-HBOT Pack $345
  • 10 x 60mins M-HBOT Pack $650
  • 5 x 90 mins M-HBOT Pack $441
  • 10 x 90 mins M-HBOT Pack $833

Add on Nu-Calm neuro-acoustic meditation music to enhance benefits to the nervous system.


Slimyonik Lymphatic Massage Compression

Duration | 60 Minutes

Compression Therapy | 8 Variation Settings

The Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit kick starts the metabolism through an individualised massage, enriching the body with oxygen to unlock a detoxifying and rapid regenerative effect. This process burns up to 400 calories in 24 hours without the need for exercise.

  • 3 x 60 Minutes Lymphatic Massage $240.00
  • 5 x 60 Minutes Lymphatic Massage $374.99
  • 10 x 60 Minutes Lymphatic Massage $699.00


ReOxy Breathing Therapy

ReOxy ®uses Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT) – alternating periods of reduced oxygen (hypoxia) and increased oxygen (hyperoxia). Reduced and enriched oxygen gas mixtures lead to more efficient transport and utilisation of oxygen by body tissue. 

Benefits in well-being:

  • Activates cell energy metabolism
  • Increases endurance and stamina
  • Improves stress resistance
  • Positive effects on sleep, depression and anxiety
  • Weight loss through fat metabolism

Benefits in anti-ageing:

  • Regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Improve cognitive functions
  • Strength and immunity
  • Prevent and manage age related degenerative diseases
  • Improves blood circulation and skin tone 

The recommended treatment regime is 20 sessions, at a minimum frequency of 3 sessions per week. The method is 100% drug-free.  

  • 20 Sessions ReOxy Breathing Therapy $5,000.00