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Localised Spot Cryotherapy Mosman Sydney

Our Wellness and Recovery Centre in Mosman Sydney, features a state of the art Cryo Penguin machine to rapidly cool areas of the body of pain and injury. Pain points are specifically targeted for optimal relief and recovery.

Small Area $60.00 | Mid Size Area $120.00 | Large Area $180.00

Localised Spot Cryotherapy | 5-20 Mins - 110'C

A powerful and highly therapeutic practice for meaningful wellbeing, pain management and anti-aging that dates back to the ancient Egyptians

Localised Cryotherapy concentrates on specific portions of the body rather than the entire body, similar to how you might use ice on an injured knee or an area of persistent pain. 

The goal of whole-body Cryotherapy is to provide generalized health advantages to the patient’s entire body, whereas spot cryotherapy is focused on targeting a problem area and allows for longer treatment times to that area using therapeutic temperatures.

This procedure is frequently used for sprains, back pain relief, joint pain relief and shoulder pain relief, arthritic relief and skin health.


Relief and recovery with targeted therapy

Using a concentrated stream of liquid nitrogen vapor to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and assist in faster recovery.

Excellent for specific areas of inflammation, injury or chronic pain. What would normally take up to 8 hours of icing can be done in 6 minutes of Cryotherapy Spot Therapy.

6 Minutes = 8 hours of Icing
Promote Rapid Healing
Reduce Muscle Pain
Effective Treatment for Swelling and Arthritis
Reduce the appearance of Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne
Tighten & Rejuvenate Skin
Reduce the appearance of Cellulite

Small Area $60

Mid Area $120

Large Area $180

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