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Lymphatic Massage Mosman Sydney

Our Wellness and Recovery Centre in Mosman Sydney, features the advanced lymphatic massage compression therapy system that uses gentle rhythmic motions to massages lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels to promote optimal health and wellness.

45 MINS $85.00

Lymphatic Massage Compression

The Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit kick starts the metabolism through an individualised massage, enriching the body with oxygen to unlock a detoxifying and rapid regenerative effect. Slimyonik® feels like a relaxing massage while utilising cutting-edge technology and circulating oxygen to perform lymphatic drainage.

This process burns up to 400 calories in 24 hours without the need for exercise.

During a Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler treatment, oxygen rich ambient air is introduced into body tissue, stimulating the body similar to exercise and providing a multitude of other benefits including;

Relaxation and feeling energised
Activated metabolism
Cellulite reduction
Firming and controlling of the silhouette
Lymphatic drainage
Water retention reduction
The removal of lactic acid, following sports activity
To promote recovery after high intensity training, reducing fatigue.
Application after liposuction
Aids in the body’s natural healing process and promotes postoperative recovery


Activate Your Lymphatic System With Slimyonik Lymphatic Massage Suit.

Our lymphatic system is our body’s main detoxification pathway and one of the few processes in the body that needs to be activated by ways such as exercise or manual lymphatic stimulation. Feel the goodness of the compression on your muscles whilst the suit activates and boosts your body’s natural lymphatic drainage system, simulating a workout whilst you lay and relax.

The Slimyonik Lymphatic Massage Suit systematically massages the body through 12 chambers to effectively reduce inflammation, lactic acid build up and can even aid in the reduction of cellulite, through the detoxification of built up toxins stored in your fat cells.

With 8 different settings varying in focus from sports recovery to slimming and cellulite, the massage suit can be tailored to your individual goals.

5 Session Pack $375

10 Session Pack $700

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