Mind and Body Wellness

Harnessing the powers of hot and cold therapy allowing you to nurture and come back to yourself.  Offering you access to hot and cold therapy, skin treatments, wellness practitioners, IV and medi-aesthetics and a carefully curated retail offering. Our spaces are designed to reconnect back to self, support recovery, performance, and elevate your well-being.



Our space is a unique haven where our guests can retreat from the somewhat confronting world outside our doors.

Within the ceilings, floors and corners lay an architectural grid of crystals to embrace healing the moment you enter the space. Working energetically from the ground up, north, south, east and west, we hold space for our clients. This is why we look different to other beauty and body spaces.

This was a deliberate choice out of collaboration with stylist, consultant in Feng Shui, psychic, and intuitive healer Kristen Wilson of Nurtured Space.

"Tsavo is a unique innovative healing space that invites the body and mind to release and unwind. I have carefully curated this intention with the energy of crystals from the earth and Mother Nature that support and nourish the process of elimination to restore the soul to inner peace and harmony." - Kristen Wilson

Our space is not just beautifully appointed for energy and calm, but it also serves intention to our staff and trained practitioners to facilitate healing for our clients.

Tsavo is more than just a bio-hacking body and beauty lab, it is a way of life of mind, body and spirit.

Tsavo is your lifestyle.

A Peaceful oasis the began with a passionate mother and daughter duo

Meet Our Founders

A health-conscious mother and daughter duo, Lara Rose, 50 and her daughter Isabelle Lakin, 23, from Sydney's North Shore are the founders of Tsavo - a wellness centre in Mosman Sydney which places health back into our guests hands. After both experiencing their own journeys with mental and physical health, and searching world wide for solutions, they wanted to create a safe space for people to come and experience a return to self and health.

Wellbeing is the reason we exit, it is the essential component for vitality and a high quality of life.

We prioritise and take responsibility for health and wellbeing within our business. This extends to our team, and importantly ourselves, so that we can show-up and hold the space for our community to find and cultivate the same.


Why We Exist

Tsavo is a rural village at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro where the mother of two spent her childhood.

"As we lean towards nature and our environment for healing, Tsavo epitomises the African landscape from the cryogenic ice cap of Mt Kilimanjaro, pure oxygen of the summit, to the heat and sauna of the African plains." Lara Rose, Founder

The Tsavo logo, the Acai tree, canopied the surrounding land symbolising the tenacity and unwavering strength of the people and community.