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Infrared Sauna Mosman Sydney

Our Wellness and Recovery Centre in Mosman Sydney, features the choice of two state of the art, clear light cedarwood full spectrum infrared sauna and in room shower facilities, allowing you to escape the city without interruption.

$50.00 Single | $65.00 Couple

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna 3 Panel

Session Length | 50 mins Temperature | 45'C - 65'C

Temperature | 45'C - 65'CSitting, totally alone, in an enclosed box set to 56 degrees, sweating away our troubles is our idea of a good time. It is cosy in every sense: the enveloping warmth, the serene silence as you close the door and shut out the world, the cocooning shelter of the cedar walls.

The palpable feeling of expelling toxins from your body as infrared penetrates your skin and muscles, the lingering hum of heat from within as you emerge, utterly relaxed and yet re-energised... it's addictive.

Discover the transformative benefits of infrared light as it raises your body's internal temperature.

Within 45 minutes, intense sweating supports detoxification, enhances metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and enhances skin health and complexion.

Opt to include 20 minutes of red light therapy to your heat session for the added therapeutic benefits.



Detoxify with a deeply penetrating sweat in our Infrared Saunas. Radiant heat is created using FAR Infrared Light that allows you to sit comfortably for a longer period of time than a traditional sauna.

Our saunas channel infrared heat to penetrate your muscles, skin, joints and tissues in order to increase circulation and enhance oxygen flow, helping rid the body of impurities within your cells, where waste, heavy metals and other toxins are stored.

Featuring a state of the art, clear light cedarwood full spectrum infrared sauna and in room shower facilities, allowing you to escape without interruption.

Your sauna experience includes up to 50 minutes of self-care, medical grade chromotherapy lighting, blue tooth entertainment options with an in-room screen. Complimentary organic body wash and towels are provided in the showers. We have a complimentary filtered water refill service available.

If you want to elevate your sauna session, opt to include a signature pre-sweat scrub and a 20 minute whole body red light therapy session for the added therapeutic benefits.

3 Session Pack $120

5 Session Pack $199

10 Session Pack $375

20 Session Pack $712.50

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