Suffering from chronic muscle pain or inflammation? We’ve got you covered!

Suffering from chronic muscle pain or inflammation? We’ve got you covered!

Localised Cryotherapy may be the answer you’ve been searching for!

What is Localised Cryotherapy and how does it really it work? 

Localised Sydney clinic Cryotherapy or Cryo Therapy spot treatment exposes the body to cryogenically cooled air of up to -160°C. These sub-zero temperatures instigate the body’s fight or flight response which stimulates blood circulation deep through your muscles and joints, significantly enhancing recovery on a cellular level as well as general movement.

Localised Cryotherapy works on the same basis that Whole-Body Cryotherapy does, however just on a smaller scale as it is focusing on one area in particular.

Our TGA approved CryoScience localised Cryotherapy machine has specialised settings of individualised times and temperatures for all different areas of the body. 

Vaporised liquid nitrogen is emitted from the handheld wand and focused by our staff on the desired area for treatment. As the area is exposed to sub-zero temperatures, it decreases the temperature of our epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, and therefore triggers a repair and survival response from the body. The cold air constricts the blood vessels, as the body aims to conserve heat, which results in a decrease in inflammation and therefore is great for pain relief and recovery, or even just reducing that inflamed feeling in the body caused by the many stresses of our everyday lives.

Our machine is TGA approved and along with our highly trained staff, localised cryotherapy is a completely safe procedure. There are light triggers on the wand which notify when the skin is too cold and the wand needs to be moved to a different section or where there is a section that needs more attention, allowing for the most precise and effective treatment.

What are the benefits of Cryo Therapy spot treatment?

Many clients use Cryo Therapy spot treatment on areas of concern internal or external of the body. Whether there is trauma to the muscle when recovering from an injury or trauma to the skin with conditions such as ecezema and psoriasis, even for arthritic pain in certain areas that flare up from time to time, Cryo spot treatment has been significantly helpful.

Cryo Therapy spot treatment is also perfect if you’re experiencing pain and discomfort post-surgery or post-workout. This is because Localised Cryotherapy alleviates pain through decreasing inflammation, fast tracks recovery post workout or injury and activates the circulation of nutrient rich blood around the body.

Localised Cryotherapy is a great way to go if you are feeling a bit uncertain about Whole Body Cryotherapy but want to see what all the fuss is about. Do not fear the cold, we have weighted blankets to provide you and we promise you it’s not as bad as you think! Call us to chat with our team about all things localised cryotherapy and how we can help you to move better through life!