Why get a Lymphatic Massage?

Why get a Lymphatic Massage?

What is a lymphatic massage? 

Lymphatic massage is a gentle type of massage which works to move lymph fluids around the body.

The lymphatic system is one of our body’s main waste systems. It assists in removing waste and toxins from tissues within the body. I’m sure you’ve heard of lymphedema & fibromyalgia? Well, these are health conditions where the body is unable to efficiently move lymph around. Essentially their lymphatic system doesn’t work correctly.

But the lymphatic system is one of the only systems in our bodies which really need a lot of encouragement to keep moving. Because it is unlike muscles like the heart, which pump blood around the body. The lymphatic system relies on smooth muscle movement to transport lymph around the body.

At TSAVO Wellness we have a Slimyonik Lymphatic Massage suit. It is one of the best technologies for the body in terms of lymphatic massage, as it directly targets the lymph nodes within your body in a perfect sequence to encourage the movement of lymph fluids.

This massage suit, invented in Germany, is known for its cellulite reducing and fat burning capabilities. The idea comes from the fact that when we burn fat, 84% of fat is expelled through the lungs, and the remaining 16% is excreted through bodily fluid. This suit uses oxygen therapy and precise massaging pressures and motions to encourage both the transport of oxygen through the body and our waste fluids.

When you regularly do lymphatic massages and eat well, it should result in a reduction of cellulite appearance, slimmer and tighter skin, and increased fat metabolism.

Lymphatic massage is also super helpful regarding sports recovery. The Slimyonik also provides incredible relief from muscle pain after exercise. It does this by assisting in your body’s processes to remove lactic acid that builds up with training. So, you will be able to get back, recover faster and keep doing what you do best.

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